Well hey there!   

I'm Desarae. 

Nice to meet ya!


I'm a Lexington native who loves home renovation, cooking, photography, woodworking, craft beer and DIY projects. You can usually find me in the corner drinking way too much coffee or awkwardly laughing at inappropriate times. I live that desk life 40 hours a week in the engineering and commissioning field and love the company I work for and the incredible work we do. I created this blog to challenge myself to make time for what lights my fire.





Penny is a 10 year old Gordon Setter mutt. I found her on Craigslist being sold for $15 by a family who was "moving and couldn't take her with them". They got her as a puppy and had her for 5 years. She had a cage inside and outside and spent her days going from one cage to the other. No one in the house seemed to care at all to see her go. A year after I had her we were on the beach in Florida and her retractable leash broke when she darted to chase a squirrel. She ended up chasing it across a highway and getting hit by two cars going 60mph. It was a long recovery and permanent nerve damage caused her to have one of her back legs amputated.  Don't feel bad for her, though! The day the leg came off she hopped around just fine and has been the happiest dog in the world ever since. I truly believe she's thankful to have a second chance at life. Her favorite things are salmon skin, stuffed toys, my dad, playing keep-away, running in circles, playing in the sprinkler, and cuddling on the couch.

Tucker is the gray and white cat and he owns my heart. When I was an irresponsible 19 year old in my first apartment I skipped my Algebra final to go adopt a cat with my friend because the Humane Society was having a Buy One Get One Free deal. The shelter was overrun with cute kittens, so Tucker had been waiting almost a year to find a home. I instantly fell in love with him. He has been with me through every single major life moment over the past 8 years. Bags are his favorite thing. I have a basket to store plastic grocery bags in that he always curls up and sleeps in, and any time I get back from Trader Joe's I have to leave at least one of the paper bags out for a few days for him to play with. He thinks he's a badass when you give him cat nip but he will only play with toys that are bright pink and fluffy. He loves tuna flavored treats and has inappropriate relationships with soft blankets.

Henry is the most recent addition to the crew. A year and a half ago, about a year after the passing of a previous cat, we decided we were ready for another cat. I found the cutest, tiniest little kitten on PetFinder and knew he was the one. He was a little poof ball with 3 inch long ear tufts and his favorite thing in the world was to sleep on my face and sit on my shoulder while I cooked. I will also admit I wore a hoodie backwards every day when I got home because he could fit perfectly in the hood. He only stayed tiny for what seemed like a couple weeks. Now he is a big fluffy cat with a disproportionately small head, an obscene amount of fur, and the biggest tail I have ever seen on a cat. He is kind of dumb and has some pretty weird quirks, but we love him so!